Understanding, Benefits Types of Insurance and Premium Complete

Insurance is a matter related to the agreement of an insurer with an insured who receives a premium, to provide reimbursement to him / her because of a loss, damage or loss of profit expected due to a particular event.

Insurance consists of health Insurance, Insurance, Insurance property, vehicle insurance, Insurance company or other collection. The government requires each company to employ its employees using the BPJS program. In addition there are assurances that fit the needs of companies that are often called the Insurance company. Benefits Insurance company (collection) is divided into two.

Benefits Types of Insurance and Premium Complete

1. Benefits to the company

Premiums are lower than similar for individual Insurance

Filling the entire employee will ease the burden on the company if something happens to employees. Since disaster can come anywhere, companies are obliged to protect employees and provide safety standards.

Improve employee work balance because Insurance company that mengover family work to be optimal.

2. Benefits to company employees

Work more calmly

Focus on company orientation

Balanced between obligations and work risks

The benefits gained from both parties can synergize the performance of employees and companies resulting in symbiotic mutualism.

Insurance products of this company in general there are 4, namely:

1. Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of product that guarantees or provides reimbursement of healthcare costs or care of Insurance members when sick or have an accident. Health Insurance is one of the Insurance products that offer protection to the insured by securing the cost of health and care in rumag pain. Health insurance with Insurance critical illness is very different.

Critical illness insurance provides cash compensation if you suffer from critical illness while health insurance is wider in scope. The existence of health Insurance, you will be more protected so that it can be more focused in doing work or other activities.

There are two types of treatments that the company insured are:

In-patient treatment

Outpatient (out-patient treatment).

Insurance companies will be responsible for the costs of accommodation in the room and IC, surgery, outpatient, specialist consultation, home care, dialysis and more. In addition, applicable juag for the cost of critical illness. Health Insurance services are held by general and life companies. The company will work together with hospitals through an intermediary institution to represent the management of the hospital. Using Health Insurance is very useful for you as follows:

There are several types of treatment benefits that are the benefits of the road (Outoaient), the benefits of hospitalization (Inpatient), the benefits of persalinana, the benefits of dental care. All benefits will win the cost of medical services, purchase of medicines, hospitalization or surgery.

Inpatient benefits include hospital cover facility, laboratory costs, delivery and emergency costs (Emergency service). The benefits of dental care as well as overflowing costs for prevention, basic tooth care, complex teeth to the installation of dentures. While the benefits of outpatient care is like the cost of consulting a general practitioner or a specialist, prescription drugs, the cost of preventive measures and the cost of the tools that doctors advise.

Health insurance is divided into several types based on fund managers up to participants who are covered. Based on the manager or ownership of the company, health insurance there are two types of government and private.

Health insurance fund management from the government that has the advantage of new health care costs more easily monitored. However, the advantages are not with good facilities and service. While the health insurance is managed by the private sector, providing a pretty good service and satisfactory. Although private health insurance health costs are not always properly monitored.

2. Pension Fund Insurance

Pension funds are the right of a person to earn income after a long period of work and have entered retirement age or other reasons in accordance with a predetermined agreement. Biasanay in the form of money that can be taken in every month or sekalikus when someone enters the pension, depending on the existing policy in a company.

The purpose of the holding of pension funds is for employers, for employees, type pension institutional institutions, type of pension plan, pension payment system.

For the employer the purpose of establishing a pension fund as a moral obligation which means to provide a sense of security to employees at the time of reaching retirement age. Furthermore, Loyalty is intended for guarantees given employee memebrikan positive impact on the company.

Employees will be more enthusiastic in their work and dedication. Besides, it is aimed to work market competition, as a part of the compensation given by employees, it is expected that the company will have more competitiveness and value in getting qualified and professional employees

For employees aiming for a sense of security of the future in order to obtain economic security because pengahasilan received into retirement. Then better compensation is meant employees have additional compensation even though they can enjoy daat reach retirement age.

JIS institutional pension fund is aimed at the employer's pension fund and the employer, as the founder and to organize PPMP or PPIP for the benefit of all employees as peserrta that incurs obligations to the employer. Furthermore, financial institution pension funds.
3. Life Insurance

Insurance the soul aims to bear people on unexpected financial ruin, because the mininggalnya too fast or too long life. There are different types of Insurance life products that have different benefits with aims to serve the various needs, abilities and purchasing power of the community.

Term Life Insurance (Term) is the simplest and cheapest policy, usually used for certain time, for example 10, 20 or 30 years. Aim to provide temporary needs, such as children's education, home, mortgage payments and others.

Life Insurance Life (Whole Life) is a type of life Insurance that can provide permanent Insurance protection for life for a person. To use this type of Insurance prepare to pay a higher premium.

Insurance Soul Dwiguna (Endowment) is a type of Insurance of the soul that gives two advantages such as the equalization of the sum insured apaila death, within a certain period of time in accordance with the Insurance policy purchased, then the insured is alive when the expiry of the insured will earn the sum of sum insured.

 Dwiguna Life Insurance has some benefits that minimize the risk that tekuntut unexpected, your family will be more secure, many things that can be prepared, various facilities facilitate can be obtained through Insurance soul and reassure your mind for the future.

4. Insurance Personal accident

Personal Accident Insurance is the risk sharing that Insurance participants bear if they suffer total disability, death or various consequences of accident. There are some guarantees provided by Insurance accidents such as death risk, permanent disability risk, care or treatment.

The risk of death, generally will get compensation of the amount of premium value if the insured dies. Within a period of 12 months from death, the family can take care of the claim process by carrying the policy

The risk of permanent disability, in the event of a fatal accident not only leads to death but defects such as disability of the body's vital organs (vision, hands and feet) and permanent disability that can make a person unable to conduct any activity.

Treatment or treatment, in the event of an accident is not possible to recover immediately because all need care and intensive treatment, because Insurance accident company provides this benefit so the insured will recover and recover.

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