Car insurance claims procedures and fees required

Car insurance claims procedures and fees required
Car insurance claims procedures and fees required

Insurance is used to action, business systems or where financial protection or redress financially for people, property, and other health menperoleh replacement of the occurrence that is not suspected e.g. death, loss, damage or pain involving the official pemabyaran is regularly a certain period to ensure protection.

For car insurance should really fulfill the fixtures file. In doing the process is very easy. Customer process kalim car insurance cost you own risk Own Risk (OR) the magnitude depends on the policy of insurance companies and also diarut by OJK Rp. 300,000 in any occasions.

In general the initial langakah for kalim car insurance at the time of the accident, namely direct to take photos of the damaged car parts. With the presence of physical evidence or photographs can be used in insurance claims. Following this procedure you should look for car insurance claims.

1. Contact the insurance and prepare important documents in filing a claim, for example insurance policy letter, driver's license, ID CARD and certificate from the police about the vehicle was badly damaged in an accident or crime.

2. Fill the persaryaratan provisions of the insurance, then bring the car to the repair shop that became an associate of insurance. Do not try to fix the car repair shop which is not an insurance peers because the claim will be rejected.

3. Fill out the forms clearly not engineering, for the insurance or repair shop will know if you are doing a lie. It is influential, if there is a data conflict with Genesis in field then kalim will be rejected. For that you will fill in the data about the accident in detail either hours or locations.

4. Then you just need to ask to forge deals with old puhak sturdiness in the repair of the vehicle. The process of repair of vehicles could be seen berdaarkan worse and whether damage to the car. Minor damage can be up to 1-2 days while the yparah can be weeks even months.

In the process an easy car insurance claims, car owners should be aware of the risk of the car so that it can have to do purchase protection insurance products. For the convenience of selecting asuransu product, here's how to calculate a premium car asusransi to add your insight.

How Do I Calculate Car Insurance Premiums Hit Let Me Not Hokey?

The premium is governed by the provisions of the financial services authority (OJK) so there is no longer a war tended to rate insurance clients feel attracted. There are rules in the Circulars OJK number: SE-06/05/2013 D. about the setting of the rate of premium, premium magnitudes depending locality of vehicle berioperasi. Region I includes Sumatra and nearby islands, the region II covers Jakarta, Banten and West Java Region II all region in Indoneis that does not include the region I and II.

In addition, the size of the premium also hung with the selling price of the vehicle. The more expensive the vehicle, the small percentage of the premiums. Insurance companies are also obliged to impose additional premiums as a cost-minimal risk sebeser Rp 300,000 per occurrence

Car insurance is divided into two types of protection insurance namely based on Total Lost Only (TLO) and All Risk with the calculation of the premium.

1. Insurance premiums TLO

Illustration Of A Car Hit By A Case Of TLO
Illustration Of A Car Hit By A Case Of TLO
Example Ilutrasinya You who lives in Bekasi just bought a car with a price of Rp 200 million. Because it is not willing to take the risk of damage or loss, you insure his car through TLO. So the calculation of premiums by regulation OJK.

TLO Insurance premium to the price of cars of RP 125 – 200 Million in Bekasi was 0.44 – 0, 53%. Car insurers, then the premium mereapkan of 0.49%. Then the following calculations:

0.49% X Rp 200 Million = Usd 980,000,-

If you experience a loss or accident musimah weight which makes mobilny damaged, then the insurance will indemnify in accordance with the price of the car.

Other provisions:

TLO Insurance is valid one year and sum assured warranty will continue to be reduced in the following year.

Alasaan the provisions of the above because the value of the car is shrinking each year, then when will paid premiums over the next year will follow the price of cars. Sometimes you always check the match between a premium, value and money pertanggungannya.

2. Premi Asuransi All Risk
Illustration Of A Car Hit By A Case Of All Risk
Illustration Of A Car Hit By A Case Of All Risk
Example Ilutrasinya You who lives in Bekasi just bought a car with a price of Rp 200 million. Because it is not willing to take the risk of damage or loss, you insure his car through All Risk insurance. In addition to the premiums paid, as well as its benefits. So the insurance premium calculation:

The magnitude of the All Risk insurance premiums for car price Rp 200 million in the area of Bekasi 2.47-2.72%

When asurasni party set insurance premiums amounted to 2.5%, then you have to pay Rp 5 million per year for insurance.

Illustrations of All Risk insurance benefits if there is a risk. For example, your car is experiencing a bumper cars damaged by hit by a motorcycle. If you do not insure his car in All Risk, then Andi should pay for itself by:

The cost of Rp 500,000, bumper Reperasi-

Paint and Body repair Rp 500,000,-

So you have to pay Rp 1 million,-for car repairs because without insurance, whereas if All risk insurance, use Andi just pay Rp 300,000 per incident as the cost of risk.

Without insurance, you must pay Rp1 million to repair the car. In the meantime, with All risk insurance, you simply pay Rp300 thousand per occurrence as the cost of risk.

Extension Of Coverage

The illustrations are of your car that uses the All Risk insurance and TLO also allows the customer to add benefits or protection expansions. For example because in Jakarta often have a demo and you want to protect your car cause tkut smashed mass.

The cost is not prohibitive, you simply pay a 0.05% for All Risk insurance and 0.35% TLO Insurance. However, the rate of the premium rules minumum OJK, the magnitude depending on the selected auransi company.

The presence of the addition of premium you will obtain a dependent expansion that protects the car from the incident such as a natural disaster, terrorism, sabotage, and the accident passengers who typically self cannot be borne by the motor vehicle insurance. Examples perhitngan the expansion of coverage

You want to add a dependent expansion of the flood, because of living in flood-prone Jakarta with premium costs 0.35%. Then the magnitude of the premium as follows:

Expansion: 0.35% x Rp 220 million = Rp 770,000,-

Then the total cost of the insurance premium: Rp Rp 770,000 + 6.6 million = 7,370,000 IDR

After pay Rp 7,370,000,-you do not need to worry about berebihan when his car is missing or damaged.

When you can see at a glance, the insurance premium is indeed greater than the cost of repairs. But, if it was wrecked just as yan examples of cases that have been discussed. Anyone will not be able to predict an accident you will naturally and how severe the damage to the car. For those of you who live in the city remain cautious in just.

In one year you have a couple of times claims the risk of accidents. Another benefit of using a car insurance premium, if You stay, it's likely to receive replacement car during a specific time period. Usually 3 X 24 hours after the car entered the workshop.

The insurance premium is not expensive, so many benefits that you can understand. Smeoga penejlasannya gamabran can give about the magnitude of the premium so you can adjust your budget needs. Use the insurance premiums terbilng very profitable.

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